my rules for being strange
how to survive, if you really wish to

These are some rules of living i have aquired over the years. Some are given to me by my friends, most are mine.

1. If you wear black in the summertime in Florida, make sure you have the most important accesory necessary for survival: A car with air conditioning.

2. Never fuck with people who are tripping.

3. Never rip up a bible at stuffy private school made up of 99% mega-christian hicks.

4. Never give Aj a knife.

5. Never tell Eric (God) that he can kill you.

6. Never take Emleigh's pills or the stuffed chair in the Drama room.

7. Never bar yourself from a relationship with someone because of their reputation.

8. Unless you like glitter, don't sit near Christine. The sparklies will hop off of her and take root.

9. Religious debates can be interesting, but can also bring disaster to a relationship. Have fun with them, but don't commit a crime.

10. Be quick to forgive and slow to hold grudges unless the person tries to steal gum from you. Then they must die.