Quotable Quotes

Hey. I decided to start anew with my quotes page cause it looked really crappy. Also I wanted to put some better ones in.

Quotable quotes from friends of mine:

"I can only remember two things at once, and that's two things."

-Casey, in reference to pizza toppings

"Poor little pimp."

-A misquoted line from Amadeus
(thanks Mike!)

"You can trust women. Of course, you could trust Hitler too..."

-My brother, Todd

"Bread is the root of all evil"


"Go forth and become a happy cabbage"


"Where the fuck are my pants?"

-Someone always asks this at a preformance

"The only people who can suck their own dicks are ventriloquists, I mean, contortionists, and they're all women."

-Jack confusing me (yet again!)

"I can feel them shrinking already man!"

-Derick when Courtney put ice down his boxers

"There! See what you made me do! Do you think that i enjoy hitting you? Well...actually i do. I enjoy it so much that i think i'll do it again!"

-Stewie from The Family Guy (best show ever created, in my humble opinion)

"You think therefore you die!"

-Julian being random

"I think therefore"

-Yet Lloyd again

"Ass, ass, ass! Can I say that on camera?"

-Christine on my videocamera

"Those who live by the sword shall be shot by those who don't"

-Matt, who wishes to be called CarnaC for some reason

"Why does my ass smell like peanut butter again?"

-Josh after a session with a banana

"You can pick your friends and you can pick your Llamas, but you can't pick your friend's Llamas"

-My sweet Katie

"Is it rape if they happen to be dead?"

-Emleigh (don't ask)

"Don't ask, don't worry"

-Sara reading my mind again

"Extremism in the pursuit of sanity; it's no vice!"

-From a play i like called Grandma Duck is Dead.