Punky color- world's greatest hair dye

Here's a picture of my friend Cara and I at Montreat. I had half Rubine and half Pillarbox Red. I'm not quite sure what Cara had, i think it was Rose.

Punky Color

My page about the best hairdye on the market today (of course this is strictly my opinion), Punky Color, by Jermome Russell. Pretty much i'm just going to list the colors i've had and illustrate them with pictures. i might do more when i feel like it. :)

Here's one of me with Plum. The other girl is my friend Vanessa. It turned out much more electric purple then i was shooting for. Of course my hair was extremely blonde when i did it, so i guess that's why.

Here's a rather bad picture of me several years ago, with blue lagoon streaks in my hair. It turned out popsicle blue and was really cool for about 3 weeks and then it turned into a green that got annoying.

Here's Alan and i one summer evening. I had Vermillion Red in my hair, over bleached parts. Worked really well, probably best thing i ever did color wise, cause it washed out pretty quickly and was only pink, not a nasty looking color.

Here's me with my immortal Spiced Tea. Although not a punky, i still love it and i recommend this one. Clariol's Natural Instincts are really great.

Another picture of me with vermillion red. At the Top of the page, my hair is half Pillarbox red and half Rubine.