Poetry Page

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The Poems:

THE CURE     By: Lacy Cox

The carnival man stood with a vial
And cracked a sickly, crooked smile
His tone was filled with white-hot spite
As this jingle he did recite:
"Come all you weary middle-class
You good, you bad, you rather crass
And witness here the very pure,
the very strong all-purpose cure
The drug that ends all pain and strife
The drug that will perfect your life
The magical extract of 12 legumes-
But please do not inhale the fumes-
The secret of the Roman kings
Among all sorts of other things
Mixed blood of placid water birds,
Come close, my dears, and hear these words!
The potion, though in short supply,
Will help you all and hear your cry
And clease you of your evil deed
Remove the terrible bad seed.
Come youth that has too young grown old,
Come bodies that have long been cold
And bask in the delicious glow
Of this great wonder that I know!"
And lured by this man's awful lies
Blind to the darknesss in his eyes
The people came for medicine
To wash away their every sin
And one by one each person died-
For the secret cure was suicide.

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES     By: Lloyd Harrison Greene

When they first took me to the Home
When I was but a lad
I'd poisened all the ice-cream cones
They told me I'd been bad
No matter, the fun was endless here
In padded rooms, I spent my years
In times of mirth and joy and cheer
I filled a box with severed ears
Everyday we ate our soup
And stared for hours at the wall
We were one big happy group
Those years were the best of all
Each morning I would get a walk
On a padded chain
And when I tried to eat the walls
I proved that I was sane
                 (I like bricks)
When they first took me to the home
When I was but a lad
I'd poisened all the ice-cream cones
And for that I am quite glad.

STAY     By: Jason Gallop

is there anything 
that i could feel
to keep you here
to make you real
is there anything
that i could do
to keep you here
to be with you
are there any words
that i could say
to keep you here
to make you stay
i would say them all
a thousand times
to keep you here
just one more night.


the deepest shade of blue
white spiderwebs 
etched around the black center
short, dark lashes shade the lids,
outlined in black
sparkling with glitter
her not too perfect eyebrow cocks
as she gazes at me
her eyes seem to smile,
though her mouth never moves