A Piece of my heart
A Piece of my Heart

Our final production in the 98-99 year was a play about Vietnam called "A Piece of my Heart". Rather than the normal view of soliders during this horifying war, it showed the P.O.V of six women. Five nurses and one entertainer tell their story, seeing nothing but death, blood and horror. Day after day of seeing men missing arms and legs hardens them. When they return from Vietnam, their view of life is somewhat tainted and they have trouble readjusting. Until they are invited to the Vietnam Wall dedication.


Martha: Kate Lines
Maryjo: Leah Harrell
Leeann: Caroline Sturtz
Whitney: Sarah Belvin
Steele: Emleigh Wolf
Sissy: Clara Heyser
Soliders/music: Courtney Chason

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