The News (Updated)


After lots of frustration I decided to scrap my news page and start over again on it. I've just started to write in the news so, bear with me, the page is doing screwy things. So sit back and enjoy my life of craziness while I try to figure out my life of craziness.

The new stuff:

February 2, 1999:

Hey. The groundhog didn't see his shadow, so spring is coming. Yay. Not much going on, I'm doing two shows, Jason's moved away, and it's fried chicken day. Kate says to tell you "Beware the evils of bread!" I like applesauce. Anyway, go forth and become a happy cabbage.

February 3, 1999:

Well, today started off weirdly with my damn alarm clock waking me up in the middle of a really strange dream. I dreamed that my history teacher died. Then I get up and finally get to school and everyone's being an ass to me. I got a pager yesterday and i showed it to several people and Alex started lecturing me on how i got ripped off on the price and sometimes i just wish he'd keep his mouth shut. Of course then he'd play his stupid laptop so loud that i can't hear myself think. Not that he doesn't anyway.

February 8, 1999:
Well, I've been sick, along with all my friends. Lacy is absent today and I think Lloyd is too because I haven't seen him. Oh well. Well............not too many new things-State is in two months (Yay) It's my parents anniversary this weekend (groan) and I have to paint a house on my day off from school. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! If there's anything I don't like, it's painting. Oh well. Happy Lollipop day!

February 26, 1999:
Well, my life is revolving around drama practices. 4 days outa the week we're practicing. I'm really tired alot, and certain people keep rehersals from going smoothly, and i need some caffeine. I think I'm gonna start a horoscope page cause I'm bored with the page and need something new to work on.

March 8, 1999:
We perform this weekend, and I am really stressed. We've cut the play to about 25 scenes. Still, it has been stressful. I am really tired, but can't wait to perform this. FIEFFER'S PEOPLE!

March 10, 1999:
Christine and Daniel have been going out for 7 months. Whoa. Besides that, nothing is going on here. You are all FABALOUS!

March 19, 1999:
One word. Ouch! People's have been beating on me all week and I'm really sore. I got into a car accident on Wed, got a baseball hurled in my general direction(it hit me on the fist), haven't been getting much sleep, and people seem to get a kick out of spaning my ass. Owwwwwww...... oh and Derick also got banned from setting foot in the mall for a year. haha!

March 23, 1999:
Well, me and Leah's party is this weekend. Her Birthday is actually today, and mine is next Monday. We're calling it Freakfest, which will hopefully be a lot of fun. She got a birthday pear from Kate, and I gave her a box of birthday Mike and Ike's. It was funny. I hate cleaning up my house!

March 26, 1999:
Tis' Lacy's birthday today. In three days, I shall be 16. Yay! I'm almost legal. Whoo Hoo. I throwing a joint-party with Leah, which should be interesting, to say the least. Half the people going have never been to my house, so it should be interesting to see if they ever show up. =)

April 6, 1999:
Well, Freakfest went really well and i'm now 16. Wow. Big change. I still can't drive and i have no car. Surprise. I'm on Spring Break, but all i've done so far is sleep, eat, paint a house and see a really stupid movie. Wow. Actually, i saw Matrix and have a new movie to worship for a while. If you haven't seen it, one bit of advice, SEE IT!

May 27, 1999:
Well, school's about over, Star Wars came out (drool) and i finished A Piece of my Heart. I had to dye my hair black, but it turned out blue for some reason. It is currently in it's degerenate phase (meaning it's shitty black-brown. Also i probably won't get my job, but oh well.