i have soup
Stuff about me:

Name: Caroline
Age: 17
Sex: female
Hair: red
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
School: Maclay High School
Likes: dark colors, sparklies, the Epitome, Mocha Milkshakes, Fraggle Rock, La Blue girl, The Elephant Man, taking pictures, Bunny Yeager, Bettie Page, drama, the Wild Thornberrys, parties, The Smashing Pumpkins (Billy Corgan, yay!) Demon Knight, Fosse, Ann Reinking, Chita Rivera, Gwen Verdon, Bebe Newirth, Ben Vereen, Red Skelton, Billy Zane, eyes, The Neverending Story, knives, the smell of clove cigarettes, cold weather, velvet and other such cool fabrics, Stephen King, Star Wars, AJ's hair, sci-fi, cheesy horror movies, the sixth sense, Emmie's house, Emmie's parents, Emmie, all my odd friends (too numerous to name) my other brothers (Jason and Dave) Kate, the goddess of merkins, troupe 3644, sketching, writing, wearing odd clothes, driving with christine, Montreat, dissecting various things, laughing, the fact that sara named her car after me, the fact that i finally got my braces off, when pinup models actually looked good (50's), steak, caffeine, lacy's artwork, going to Districts and State, meeting strange and odd people, margaritas, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, making fun of Stratton, lloyd's jokes, Sobe drinks, short spikey hair of really long hair, light skin, guys in drag, etc.

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