Laundry and Bourbon
Laundry and Bourbon:

Our State preformance piece this year was called Laundry and Bourbon. It was the story of three Texan women who were sitting on a porch, drinking Bourbon and folding laundry. Through the women gossiping we learn about one of the main character's unfaithful husband. We won 2nd place at Districts and got Excellents at State and got invited to Internationals.

The Cast:

Elizabeth: Leah Harrell

Hattie: Kate Lines

Amy Lee: Ashley Townshend

The Crew:

Lloyd Allen
Danny Pellegrino
Caroline Sturtz(me)
Chris Pellegrino
Jack Flynn
VG Reddick
Emleigh Wolf
Ross Loomis
Whitney Taylor
Sarah Belvin
Clara Heyser

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